Maison Crivelli offers authentic haute parfumerie. Sheer luxury free from gimmicks, phthalates and artificial colours. Luxurious and kind to the environment. The packaging is designed to be eco-friendly: the glass bottles are made in France and Spain, while the boxes are handmade from 100% cardboard using FSC art paper from Italy. The lid is embossed with the Maison Crivelli monogram. The brand’s signature can be found on top of unpolished, non-identical Zamak caps which are each unique, meaning that the art of the unexpected comes into play here too. The cellophane is biodegradable and made from wood.

Each fragrance is a unique composition inspired by real experiences.

– Live in the moment –

Maison Crivelli invites you to pause for a moment to truly understand the fragrance and give it meaning.