Created some 30 years ago, Comptoir Sud Pacifique was driven by a passion for the colourful, fragrant world of the Pacific Islands. The brand’s founders were inspired by the fascination of faraway lands and developed products which hold the promise of a heavenly experience with their exotic colours and scents.

Born out of a love of travel and the exotic appeal of far-off countries, Comptoir Sud Pacifique has become established as an internationally renowned brand which makes our dreams of a perpetual holiday come true.

The firm’s fragrances have specific properties based on a unique « Mix & Match « concept which has been the brand’s leitmotif since 1974. A long-standing trademark. Compose something unexpected. Create all sorts of fragrance combinations for every conceivable mood.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique – answer your longing, your dreams and your search for an eternal paradise.