Lalique promises a combination of fine fragrances and skilled glass-making. Whenever perfume bottle collectors hear the name Lalique, their eyes light up. A limited number of the stunning crystal bottles are produced each year, then numbered and signed by hand. They are real collectors’ items.

René Lalique founded his jewellery workshop in 1886. In 1908, the artist René Lalique joined forces with François Cotyand started producing perfume bottles. Prior to this, fragrances were sold in simple vials and had to be transferred to fancy perfume bottles at home. These were often one-offs and very expensive. However, the parfumier François Coty firmly believed that each and every one of his creations deserved a stunning perfume bottle. The two artists started producing a large number of fine perfume bottles at affordable prices, thereby paving the way for modern parfumerie.

Today’s extremely varied product range stems from the boundless source of inspiration provided by René Lalique’s creations. Since 1992, the portfolio has also included an extremely stylish selection of fine fragrances. The launch of the first fragrance, ‘Lalique de Lalique’, marked the dawn of a new era. Just like the long-standing firm’s other products, the fragrance was a work of art and the result of high-quality craftsmanship.